Let's talk video. 

Ludus Peter Pan

Our video set-up is pretty similar to our photography set up! We usually even prefer to do it all as one package. We typically set up two to four cameras at one of your shows, most often one of the final shows, and we process all the different angles into one beautiful video that commemorates the show you've worked so hard on!

Most of the time show rights only include the ability to sell archival dvd's to families, and so we will work with your team to make sure that whether you want open sales or closed sales, your families will have access to archival video of your show. We can help you understand your rights to record your show. 

We generally include video in our photo memorabilia packages, so if you haven't seen it already, make sure to check out our photography page!

Want more information? Get in touch with us to schedule our team for your next show. 

RENT, KIDSTAGE Everett, 2017

RENT, KIDSTAGE Everett, 2017