They Aren't Dead Yet...In Fact They're Kicking Butt.

Lusdus SPAMALOT 2018

Who doesn't love watching men in tights dealing with ridiculous situations? Spamalot the Musical is the musical rendition of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It takes the audience on the age-old journey to find the holy grail, and rams your expectations against the wall during the process. 

Certainly our whole team loves Spamalot and its pretty clear from the 14,000+ photos we took that we thought this was a very good looking production. 

Ludus Performing Arts seemed to dive into as much absurdism as possible with their rendition of Spamalot, keeping the audience laughing and on their toes with how far they were willing to take the jokes in this show. 

What really stood out to me while I watched was that underneath the jokes and the ridiculous story in this show there was clearly a very strong bond between the cast and crew. With some insider connections I learned after the show that one of the leads faltered during one of the big songs, but as an ignorant audience member it was completely undetectable due to the way the cast covered for each other.  The family vibe between these young performers was rich and definitely gave the show an intangible element that is hard to put into words. 

Ludus also just announced their next season of shows, so look for their productions of Sweeney Todd this Fall, Once on this Island Spring 2019, and Tuck Everlasting Summer 2019,