KIDSTAGE Summer Independent Presents: Bring It On! The Musical

KIDSTAGE BRING IT ON, cheerleaders

Having never seen Bring it On The Musical, I made some base assumptions about how I would feel about this show: mostly not great. I asked myself, " a musical about cheerleaders, really?" Some how I forgot that my favorite musical is Legally Blonde, and that musicals about any topic can surprise you. 

I was delighted by how catchy and fun this show was, and the KIDSTAGE Summer Independent Production Team did a great job because I was laughing out-loud, almost the entire show. The story line follows that of the original movie pretty closely, just add songs. It left me with a hankering to watch some more cheerleader related media so I could see their sick moves. 

"It Ain't No Thing" preformed by Bridget (Rylynn Davis) , Nautica (Morgan Pullom), La Cienega (Coral Plank), and The Company was probably my favorite song in the show, followed closely by "We Ain't No Cheerleaders"  performed by Danielle (Kat Corn), Nautica, and La Cienega. 

The energy between Morgan Pullom as Nautica and Coral Plank as La Cienega was one on the highlights in the show for me, the way they played with and off of each other really kept the energy of the entire performance up in my opinion.

All in all these actors really brought it. With fun cheer tricks, dancing, and top notch singing and acting, this show was a fun watch and I would definitely reccamend seeing it if you ever get a chance.