who we are. 

We are a team of drama geeks, artists, entrepreneurs, meaning seekers, storytellers, and change makers.

We believe in the power of stories and that by telling stories together, as a community, we can collectively create a healthier, more beautiful culture.

In cities around the Puget Sound, there are drama programs full of students pouring their hearts into telling fantastic stories, working to shape our culture, and yet, outside of the immediate families and friends of these students, many of these productions go largely unnoticed. Our vision is to help create a renaissance for theatre, putting more "butts in seats," engaging our local communities, and reminding the world that the kids on stage today will be shaping the culture of tomorrow.

a little history.

It all started with a jolly green giant….our dad as the jolly green giant to be precise. In high school, our dad was a part of his drama club, he says it’s because “[he] just didn’t want to go home,” but we have always been able to guess that it was one of the only places he felt like he fit in.

Fast forward a couple decades and you have his daughters, Jesslyn and Rayla (that’s me). We both were SERIOUS drama kids growing up our young lives were chock full of late rehearsals, big sleepovers with all the other girls after Saturday night performances, and our dad waking us up by singing loud opera and presenting us with a kitchen full of chocolate chip pancakes.

There were many ways in which we didn’t fit in, we didn’t have a “normal” family by any means, and it slowly became more evident that theatre was what connected us with our real family, our true friends and ourselves. Theatre is what empowered us as humans to speak up when we felt mistreated or saw others being marginalized. Theatre gave us our voices.

As a family we have landed on one truth: theatre give kids community, and every kid deserves that chance. 

Enter Northwest Theatre Press, a brain child of our dad's years of photography experience, our family operated print shop, and our collective passion for theatre. As a theatre media source, we strive to set a stage for the creatives of the world, the accepting drama geeks, the visionary artists, the storytellers and musicians, the people who carry culture and help the rest of the world to let go of stale ways of thinking. Our core philosophy revolves around supporting, promoting, and connecting people in theatre communities, in hopes that the stories they share can help shape the outside world.

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