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Our goal at Northwest Theatre Press is intricately tied to supporting and promoting our local arts programs. We believe wholeheartedly that the stories we share and the connections we build through art are what empower humanity to achieve great things, and find true happiness. We are on a mission to create more support for the artists in our community, and we want you to help!  


Get Connected

We want to set a stage for the creatives of the world, the accepting drama geeks, the visionary artists, the wise storytellers; so that we can influence the world around us.

With this platform we now have the ability to aggregate information about the performances happening around us everyday. Hopefully this won't only drum up attendance, but encourage cross pollination between schools and programs.

It's completely free to be featured on the site, so look around and get in touch if you are interested in having your performances or program listed.


Photography Services

Need high quality photography and videography services for free? All of the pictures currently on our site were taken by our team. We can hook you up.


Discount Printing

We have been running a print shop for over 10 years, and we love printing for the arts. We aim to support all performing arts programs by providing discounted or wholesale printing in order to reduce the costs of productions. Contact our team to inquire about discounted poster, program, ticket, postcard, headshot and banner printing. (Plus a lot more!)


Get Involved

In love with what we are doing here at Northwest Theatre Press? We have a ton of opportunities for people to get involved with their local performing arts. Get in touch if you are interested in teaming up with us, especially if you have big ideas. We're all ears.